many things have to be taken care of on a daily basis to ensure that your pets and/or your home are safe, secure, comfortable and happy.  You and your pet's experience begins with a visit  from a Bone Voyage Pet Sitter prior to the first engagement to meet and begin bonding with your pets and to obtain detailed information about their routine and well-being.   We want to know as much as possible about the animals in our care.  We have a detailed check list that we complete each time we visit you pet.    

When you are gone...

    Pet and House Sitting Services for Forsyth County, Georgia

We'll take care of your pet's vacation at home so you can enjoy your time away from home!

Nighty Night, Beddy Boo, Heady Down, Sleepy Town...We'll learn your pet's lingo. 

Here's Our Visit Check List

 release security system-bring in newspaper-walk dog-feed each pet-give treats (if allowed)..clean up "accidents"-have pet play time-maintain home's comfort level-monitor condition of home-alternate indoor lighting- make sure pets are in proper place-administer meds if necessary out trash- sanitize pet's area-bring in mail-give pets fresh water-make sure pet is eating properly-water plants-clean litter box-ensure perimeter fence is secure-open and close curtains-make notes for owner-check each pet's condition-leave TV or radio on if requested-restore security system  

Bone Voyage Pet Sitters are Licensed, Bonded and Insured with many years of experience as professional Pet Sitters


We'll ease your worries about leaving your home vacant with our house sitting services! 

Call Pat Witemyre (678) 313-9734


NEW FLASH!  Pat and Cindy, daughters of Tess Jones, will continue the legacy of Bone Voyage.  They both share Tess's love of and special bond with animals of all kinds.

NEW FLASH!  We have added farm animals to our sitting services-horses, chickens, etc.  We also feed fish and birds.   

Dont' forget, we are licensed, bonded and insured!